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Marketing Platform
The website www.hoteliers.com is a commission-free Online Travel Agent for hotel rooms, packages and meeting rooms. Consumers can book online but can also click through to your own hotel website. The participating hotels pay a fixed monthly membership fee. Hoteliers.com uses a variety of marketing activities, to attract millions of visitors to the website each year. All bookings are commission-free.

Marketing activities
Hoteliers.com uses search engine optimization, online advertising, newsletters, social media and virals, to promote the website. Also hoteliers.com advertises in magazines and participate in fairs and tradeshows.
Optionally you can participate in a number of revenue maximizing programs:

Hotel of the week
Your hotel offer is published on the homepage of hoteliers.com for 1 week. Additionally, your offer is distributed to a number of high-traffic website partners to maximize the number of bookings.

The HotelFriends program allows hotel owners and/or hotel employees to book rooms for personal use at other hotels within the hoteliers.com network. This makes a nice employee benefit for your staff and an excellent tool to maximize your occupancy rate.
Contract club leisure
The contract club leisure is a loyalty or employee benefit program where consumers can book in a password-protected environment at special conditions. Participating hotels offer a small discount to the guests, which is profitable for both parties, as the hotel doesn't have to pay any commission for the booking.

Contract club business
The contract club business is a password-protected environment where corporate guests can book at special conditions. We take care of the contracting, allowing multiple hotels in one central agreement.
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