• Marketing Score Card

    Online marketing support for hotels.

Hoteliers.com helps you optimizing your online marketing!

Online Marketing is a very large field with many rapid developments and makes it very difficult for hoteliers to stay up to date. With the Marketing Scorecard hoteliers.com will support you with setting up an effective online marketing strategy to achieve better results through the own website.

Every month you will receive the Marketing Scorecard which will provide you with insights in the current situation of the various fields. Next, your consultant will help you optimizing your online channels.
The advantages of the Marketing Scorecard:

  • Enhance search engine results
  • Keeping your Social Media channel up-to-date
  • Better conversion rate through own website
  • Including a connection with TripAdvisor Instant Booking

Click here for a fully overview of all advantages of the Marketing Scorecard.
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