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  • Mobile Website

    Developed for mobile devices

A solution for hotels with a non-responsive website; created for mobile devices

Take advantage of the tremendous growth of mobile internet!

Up to a few years ago, telephones were only used to make phone calls and iPads and Smart phones were unheard of. However, the digital world is changing rapidly as the percentage of people using mobile internet is growing massively. It is therefore about time to grasp this opportunity since the amount of people booking through their phones continues to increase. So, there’s an excellent opportunity for your hotel to generate more direct and commission-free business.

Our mobile website presents the information in a clear manner. If someone visits your hotel website with a mobile devices, the visitor will be redirected to the mobile version of your website. Please note that this is different from an app. The functionalities of a mobile website are similar to those of an app. However, our mobile website does not require any download or installation.

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