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Mobile Website

Take advantage of the tremendous growth of mobile internet!

Until recently, telephones were only used to make phonecalls and iPads and smart phones were unheard of. But the world is changing rapidly and the percentage of the population that uses mobile internet is growing quickly. This also affects the behavior of consumers. More and more people use mobile devices such as phones and tablets, like the iPhone or iPad, to visit hotel websites and make mobile bookings both online and by telephone. This is an excellent opportunity for your hotel to generate more direct and commission-free business.

A mobile website optimizes your hotel information and makes it fit on to smaller, mobile screens. If someone visits your normal hotel website with a mobile device, the visitor will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of your website. This is different from an ‘app’. The functionality of a mobile website is largely similar to an app, however it does not require any download or installation and starts automatically when someone visits your website.
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