• Price Check Widget

    Guarantee the best price for guests and increase your website conversion.

Increase website conversion with the real time Price Check Widget

Over 50% of OTA bookers visit your hotel website. They come for better images, more information and to check the direct price. They come, and then they leave.

Price Check addresses the #1 reason why people book elsewhere: they assume OTAs are cheaper. Price Check is a widget that sits on your booking engine. It shows a live price comparison with three OTAs on your hotel’s website.

Learn when your prices are undercut by a OTA

Your live feed of every single instance when you are being undercut by an OTA:

  • Identify patterns and get to the root cause
  • Recreate the offending search: number of rooms, children, exact dates and currency
  • ‘Mark as Fixed’: to manage parity efficiently
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