• Bookings Engine

    The most eleborate commission-free booking engine on the market today!

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  • Marketing Platform

    Increase your online visibility with the commission free marketing platform.

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  • Mobile Website

    Especially developed for the smaller screens of smart phones.

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  • Online Payment

    Speed up the cashflow and lower no shows.

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  • Responsive Hotel Website

    Your first encounter and business card towards your guest.

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 Booking engine

  • Full integration in your website
  • Multiple rates possibility
  • Extensive up-sell opportunities
  • Ready to connect to any channel manager
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 Channel Manager

  • Save valuable time
  • Improved occupancy and higher turn over
  • No (unwanted) transfer anymore
  • Sell your last available rooms through the most profitable channels
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 Marketing Platform

  • Commission free bookingsite
  • For hotel rooms, packages and meeting accommodation
  • Encourage traffic to your own hotel website
  • Increase revenue by participate in multiple marketing programs
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 Mobile Website

  • Take advantage of growth in mobile internet
  • No worries for technical updates
  • Visitors do not have to install an app
  • No large investment required
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 Online Payment

  • Avoid unwanted charge backs
  • Offer guests multiple ways of payment
  • Stimulate the cash flow of your hotel
  • Take advantage of attractive transactions rates
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 Responsive Hotel Website

  • Fully optimized for all screen sizes
  • Manage your own copy, images and newsletters
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Receive more commission-free bookings through your own website
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