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Responsive Hotel Website

Having an eye-catching and search-engine optimised website is an essential part of a hotel’s online strategy. A large majority of the hotels have already chosen for such a website. Meaning that most of them have a favourable position in the search engines. It is therefore important to keep up and choose for an optimised website too! If you don’t, it is very likely that you will miss out on commission-free bookings. Hoteliers.com offers a solution for hotels that look for a new responsive website.

We have used our expertise in order to develop a responsive website, which is updated regularly, featuring an extensive yet user-friendly content management system (CMS). This responsive website is equipped with a wide range of functionalities and its design can be adapted to your corporate branding. So, what are you waiting for? Make use of your hotel’s potential and get yourself a responsive hotel website now!

Hoteliers.com assures that your website is fully optimised for search engines, and thus attaining the highest conversion rate possible. In addition, you can manage the website’s content through the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is equipped with a variety of functionalities, including hotel-specific statistics, a newsletter module, an image library and a Google maps function.

Our Responsive Hotel Website doesn’t require excessive investments. To get started, you’ll only have to pay an one-off start-up fee, while a competitive monthly fee is paid to compensate for registering the domain name, email addresses, webhosting and continuous optimisation. This means that your website remains up-to-date in regards to search engine optimisation. Therefore, there’s no need to replace your website after a few years. Hence, our Responsive Hotel Website solution provides valid reasons to invest as it ensures an increase in commission-free reservations and thus, guarantees high return-on-investment.

Our Responsive Hotel Website solution consists of two options

Design Store
The first option is to go for a template from our design store. Our design store offers various templates, which are all fully responsive and can be adjusted to your hotel’s branding (colours, logo and pictures). You could furthermore manage your website’s content in an user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).

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Tailor Made
The second option is a tailor made website, which is a process which involves close collaboration with our designers, whom will make a design based on your input. Afterwards, there’s an opportunity to provide them with feedback on the design. The designers will then perform adjustments accordingly.

When you’re fully satisfied with the design, you can give the designers your approval, after which our technical department will commence building your custom responsive website. Just like the templates from our design store, a tailor-made website is equipped with the same functionalities and CMS.

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Add a SSL-certificate to your Responsive Hotel Website

A SSL security protocol ensures a secure connection between two computers that communicate through internet. It is normally used to protect information such as credit card- and login details. A SSL-certificate is a small data file that links an encrypted key to your hotel’s data. After installation, the SSL-certificate activates a padlock and https-protocol, shown in the address bar of your browser. Depending on the SSL-certificate type that is applied for, a series of steps need to be followed to meet the validation requirements. This includes verifying the name and ownership of the domain, server and/or host as well as the identity and location of the hotel.

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