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Learn about the latest online developments during our masterclass, free of charge!

Matters like keeping your website up-to-date, asking the right prices for your rooms and determining how to deal with online reviews are rather challenging things for every hotelier. These matters are subject to continuous development, and it is thus hard to keep up. We have therefore developed a masterclass, in which we inform hotel owners, marketeers and everyone else that is interested in these matters. During the masterclass, we focus on the following aspects:
  • The own hotel website; how do you develop a good website for guests, but also for search engines?
  • How do you manage various verticals such as Google Hotel Ads and TripAdvisor Instant Booking?
  • The (online) reputation of the hotel, what are the opportunities on review websites such as TripAdvisor and how do you manage them?
In order to give everyone the opportunity to attend our masterclass, it is organised in different regions at the time. Participation is completely free of charge and includes a lunch. Enroll for our masterclass via the contact form on the right, we will then contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the next opportunity to attend. Were you not able to attend the masterclass in your region? Don't worry! You can participate in a masterclass in another region.
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