• Conversion Booster

    Achieve an improvement of 15 up to 30% of your conversion!

Conversion Booster

With the Conversion Booster you can increase your website’s conversion and generate more direct bookings. The Conversion Booster offers a complete toolset for interacting with website visitors and convincing them to make a booking.

Increase the conversion
The conversion tools give visitors specific information to help make an educated choice. This can be done by means of a price check, which shows and ensures that the visitor has found the lowest price. Another possibility is a review comparison, which shows review scores from various sources. Read our case study of Papagayo Curaçao and see how they increased their conversion rate with the Conversion Booster!
Personalize the user experience
With the personalisation tools, you can send your website visitors personalized messages at crucial moments to create urgency, which stimulates involvement and reduces the risk of visitors leaving the website. These messages could be urgent, or fun facts about the hotel. In addition, actions can be set up for the various parts of the hotel that can be segmented for specific target groups. Think of a long-stay discount for guests from the USA, or a culinary offer for visitors from your own country: the possibilities are endless.
Test and optimize campaigns
In the program, several campaigns can be created in which different tools can be used. By A / B testing and an extensive statistics system, it’s easy to determine which campaigns will achieve the most results. In addition, there are business intelligence reports, which, for example, allow insight into the prices charged by the OTAs for your hotel. On average, the Conversion Booster achieves an improvement of 15 to 30% of the conversion!
  • Receive more direct bookings - the conversion increases on average by 15 to 30%!
  • Use conversion tools to convince visitors.
  • Create interaction through personalized messages.
  • Create actions for different parts of the hotel, segmented by specific target groups.
  • Optimize your results by using A / B testing.
  • Benefit from extensive business intelligence reports.
  • Personal support.
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