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    Advertise in Google and claim your Real Estate!

Advertise in Google and generate more direct bookings!

Do you aim to reach the top (paid) search results in Google to increase traffice to your own website and thus generate more direct bookings? hoteliers.com, partner of Google, could help you doing so by advertising through Google Hotel Ads and Google AdWords.

With Google Hotel Ads, hotels can display Ads showing room rates and availability in the search results of Google. Visitors who click on an ad are directed towards the own booking engine of a hotel and can instantly make a booking. Hoteliers.com is the first Dutch partner out of 50 Google Hotel Ads Integration Partners worldwide that can supply this product. With the comprehensive reporting possibilities of Google Hotel Ads, it is possible to track exactly which bookings came from the program and calculate the costs per booking. The aim is to achieve lower costs per booking as compared to the average commission charged by online travel agencies.
Google AdWords is used to set up a campaign in the admin account of hoteliers.com (MCC), which displays advertisements of the hotel in Google's search results based on predetermined search terms. The campaign focuses in particular on generating traffic on the name of the hotel (real estate) and hoteliers.com will do its utmost to generate the best revenue possible from the campaign. If a visitor clicks on an ad, Google will charge a fee (Cost-Per-Click, or CPC) and the visitor will be redirected to the website of the hotel.

Also stimulate organic traffic to your website

Do you also aim to increase the organic (non-paid) traffic to your website but you're unsure how? hoteliers.com offers an excellent solution to do so; the marketing scorecard.

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