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The Price Check Widget

Over 50% of the people booking through OTA’s have visited the hotel’s own website. In doing so, they look for better images, additional information and to check the direct price. In most cases, these visitors come to your website and leave.

It is therefore all about reassuring your guests and providing them with a guarantee of getting the best price through your own hotel website. The Price Check Widget addresses the main reason why people book elsewhere: they assume OTA’s are cheaper. The Price Check is a widget that is implemented in your Responsive Booking Engine. It shows a real-time price comparison between three OTA’s and your hotel’s website.

Learn when your prices are undercut by an OTA

Your live feed in the ‘’disparity dungeon’’ provides you with data on when and where you are being undercut by an OTA:

  • Identify patterns and get to the root cause
  • Recreate the offending search: number of rooms, children, exact dates and currency
  • ''Mark as Fixed'' to manage rate parity efficiently
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