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    The most elaborate commission-free booking engine on today’s market!

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Fully responsive to boost conversion on every device!

Did you know that more than 50% of your website’s visitors use a smart phone and that 60% of them complete their booking using the same device? Having the Responsive Booking Engine on your website is therefore a crucial part of your hotel’s online strategy, as it will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the user’s device, providing high user friendliness to all customers.

Offer rooms with multiple rates

The Responsive Booking Engine offers the possibility to add multiple rates to each room type. Meaning that the hotel can be more flexible in terms of pricing, by offering different rates per room. For example, one could choose to offer both a standard rate and a non-refundable rate. The biggest advantage of a non-refundable rate is that it cannot be changed, cancelled, nor refunded, leading to better cash flows.

Fully integrated in the hotel’s website

The Responsive Booking Engine can be fully integrated in the hotel’s website, becoming an extension of the website. On top of that, it will automatically adjust to the dimensions of the user’s device. As a result, this will create a feeling of trust that in turn, will stimulate direct and thus commission free bookings. You could furthermore decide upon the branding colours yourself, which can be amended whenever you like.

Analyse your conversion step for step

The Responsive Booking Engine is designed to reach the best conversion rate possible. Connecting your booking engine to your own Google Analytics account, will enable you to track the customer journey up to completing their booking. This will provide you with useful insights, allowing to make a proper analysis of your target customers, and how to reach them.

Complete a booking within a few minutes

An important feature of the Responsive Booking Engine is that a reservation can be completed in just four steps. After the booking has been completed, a conformation is sent to the guest within a couple of minutes. This short booking process helps to increase conversion.

Complete a reservation without a credit card

It is important to offer the possibility to book a room without a credit card, as some guests might unwilling to provide credit card details. Furthermore, the Responsive Booking Engine offers the possibility to provide the guest with a wide range of guarantee methods. One of those guarantee methods is to pay instantly through the online payment module.

Book multiple room types or packages

Our Responsive Booking Engine does not limit the guest to only one room type or package, as it is possible to book several room types or packages in one booking, which is ideal for group bookings!

Lots of up-sell possibilities

Our Responsive Booking Engine is equipped with an option to offer hotel extras, which guests can add to their reservation. Examples are a bottle of Champagne on arrival, an extra bed or a bicycle. The price of the extras are added to the total of the room as well as to the booking confirmation that is sent to the guest.

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