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    Discover the potential that TripAdvsior has to offer.

Use your TripAdvisor account to increase bookings

TripAdvisor is the biggest global travel website, offering the possibility to present your hotel in various ways. Hoteliers.com is a certified and premium partner of TripAdvisor and offers various ways to optimize your TripAdvisor page. For instance, you could connect your prices and availability to TripAdvisor’s TripConnect Instant Booking tool, enabling yourself to receive reservations through TripAdvisor.

When connecting TripConnect to your booking engine, a button is activated on your TripAdvisor page. Commission fees on these reservations are collected by TripAdvisor, varying between 12% and 15%. If you decide to go for 12%, the button will be shown 25% of the time and if you choose to go for 15%, the button will be shown 50% of the time.

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