• RDX Channel Manager

    Best solution for the international market.

Connect to lots of international OTA's with the RDX Channel Manager

Channel management has become an essential part of the hotelier’s strategy. The RDX Channel Manager enables you to efficiently manage your prices and availability. Thus, saving you valuable time and limiting the risk of being over booked.

Obviously, each OTA has its own methods of managing prices, availability and restrictions. The RDX Channel Manager is a solution which combines all these functions, managing them in a single interface. This includes multiple rates, packages, and restrictions such as minimum stay, closed for arrival/departure. In the start-up phase of the RDX Channel Manager, you will get in touch with one of our consultants in order to discuss a distribution solution for your hotel. After the setup, an extensive demonstration of the system is given. 

After the set up, you will get an extensive demonstration is given, covering the system and ways to optimise your distribution strategy.

Over 150 channels can be connected to the RDX Channel Manager

The RDX Channel Manager is capable of connecting to over 150 channels (OTA's and whole salers) 5 GDS, 17 CRS and 70+ PMS providers. The aim is to continuously extend the portfolio of channels. In doing so, we are always open for suggestions. Please contact us for an overview of the channels.

Only connected to the most popular channels?

In case you are only connected to the most common OTA’s, you could consider to go for the Smart Channel Manager.

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